Los Angeles has more streets than anywhere else in America. At 7,500 centerline miles, our streets make up about 15% of all the land in the City of Los Angeles. They are our largest public asset, forming and reflecting the character of our neighborhoods, our people, and our City.

Our Great Streets Initiative will take advantage of this underutilized asset to support thriving neighborhoods. We will develop Great Streets that activate public spaces, provide economic revitalization, increase public safety, enhance local culture, and support great neighborhoods. By reimagining our streetscape, we can create transformative gathering places for Angelenos to come together, whether they travel by car, transit, bike or on foot.

In the near-term, we are changing our streets with temporary treatments, including plazas and parklets. In the long-term, we will make permanent changes to curbs, street lighting, street trees, and street furniture.

We look forward to working with more neighborhood stakeholders to develop and build upon vision for each corridor. Great Streets will be a bottom-up and community-based process. After all, no one knows more about our neighborhoods than you. We look forward to seeing you on the street.