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Running near the western edge of Cal State Northridge, Reseda Boulevard is an iconic San Fernando Valley street: wide, with lots of space for cars and lots of parking. But Reseda also has good transit service and a closeby MetroLink regional rail station, as well as bike lanes. With student housing, new apartments, and single-family homes nearby, Reseda Blvd brings town and gown together. In partnership with neighborhood councils, CD12, Cal State Northridge, AIA, and others, Great Streets will enhance Reseda Blvd's accessibility for people traveling by transit, foot, and bike. Great Streets seeks to bolster economic development along Reseda with better neighborhood amenities, including improved sidewalks and outdoor dining.


  • Partnered with Bureau of Street Services and Department of Transportation to implement proactive infrastructure maintenance, including concrete sidewalk repairs

  • Initiated weekly overnight street sweeping

  • Installed solar powered Soofa bench, protected bike lane, and street furniture

  • Upgraded bus shelter with USB charging station, wifi, and realtime updates

  • Planted 9 trees and partnered with community to create mural 

  • Awarded $20,000 in Challenge Grant funding for [Re]visit [Re]seda, a one-day event that highlighted transportation safety and community engagement

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