Western avenue

Located at the northern end of Koreatown and the southern end of East Hollywood, Wilshire Center and St. Andrews Square, Western Avenue serves its community with mom-and-pop restaurants, personal services, furniture stores, and home-oriented shops.

Great Streets, in partnership with Councilmember David Ryu and Beautify Earth, is working to improve the vibrancy of Western, including cultural, transportation and economic improvements. 

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  • Completed 5 wall murals and 4 utility cabinet murals with Beautify Earth

    • Bun Shop - 151 N Western

    • Melrose Home Furnishings  - 641 N Western

    • Home Lighting Crystal Gallery - 646 N Western

    • Jungsoodol Mattress - 225 N Western 

    • Safe Keep Storage - 4996 Melrose

  • Completed 17 continental crosswalk improvements from Melrose Avenue to 3rd Street

  • Partnered with Bureau of Street Services and Department of Transportation to implement proactive infrastructure maintenance, including concrete sidewalk repairs

  • Initiated weekly overnight street sweeping

  • Installed solar powered Soofa bench

  • Upgraded bus shelter with USB charging station, wifi, and realtime updates



  • 4 additional murals with Beautify Earth
  • Great Streets Great Business technical assistance and access to capital for small businesses

  • Tree planting

  • Building facade and sidewalk improvements


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